Our private investigators are highly qualified and are fully trained in the use of mobile, static and rural surveillance techniques. Whether you require surveillance on an individual or mass surveillance, our investigators can help provide you with the information and evidence you need.

The use of evidence gathered through surveillance is often the most convincing and objective evidence available in a court of law. It can help prove or disprove cases as long as appropriate investigative practices following the law and proper video documentation have been carried out.

£45 Per Hour – Time commences upon leaving offices if less than 5 hours.
Half Day Rate – 5 Hours – pre-booked fee £200 – Time commences upon arriving on task.
Full Day Rate – 10 Hours – pre-booked fee £370 – Time commences upon arriving on task.
20 Hours ‘Flexible Rate’ – £700 – pre-booked and can be used over multiple days. *** Best Value*****Note*** Depending on the circumstances surveillance must be carried out with 2 or 3 operatives.
What You Get for Your Money.
Surveillance fees are inclusive of all evidence obtained, you will receive a full report with pictures and timings plus an edited DVD will be sent to you with the footage obtained, as well as signed professional witness statements.
Pre surveillance research & reconnaissance
Experience, highly trained experts
No travel time fees
Surveillance time starts only when the operative is on target – (If pre-booked)
High Definition video footage / pictures
Typed report
Signed professional witness statements
Edited video
Time & date stamped evidence – (Court admissible)
All original evidence