Employee Monitoring

Do you ever wonder, when you are out of the office, what your employees are doing? Which employees are working and who are stopping others from working or even who are stealing from you?
We have substantial experience in locating the truth about the precise actions of an employee every day. We use many strategies to achieve this and will be able to give you the required information to save time and money.

During our investigations we have identified a variety of approaches that workers waste your money:
Surfing the web
Talking to other workers stopping them from operating
Running a second small business using your resources
Stealing your customers to begin their very own small business
Misuse of stationary equipment, washroom supplies and beverages

If you feel you have an issue with an employee stealing from your business, then send us an email to one of our experienced corporate case managers. We will work with you to provide an efficient and cost-effective investigation.

Please see Surveillance rates.