Cheating Partners

If you suspect that either your husband/ wife/ boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, you have the right to know.

We appreciate that using a stranger to check if your partner is cheating is never going to be an easy decision to undertake. However, we also know that a nagging doubt can sometimes be harder for you to cope with if you suspect infidelity in your marriage or you suspect your partner is a cheater.

£45 Per Hour – Time commences upon leaving offices if less than 5 hours.
Half Day Rate – 5 Hours – pre-booked fee £200 – Time commences upon arriving on task.
Full Day Rate – 10 Hours – pre-booked fee £370 – Time commences upon arriving on task.
20 Hours ‘Flexible Rate’ – £700 – pre-booked and can be used over multiple days. *** Best Value***
***Note*** Depending on the circumstances surveillance must be carried out with 2 or 3 operatives.
What You Get for Your Money.
Surveillance fees are inclusive of all evidence obtained, you will receive a full report with pictures and timings plus an edited DVD will be sent to you with the footage obtained, as well as signed professional witness statements.

Pre surveillance research & reconnaissance
Experience, highly trained experts No travel time fees
Surveillance time starts only when the operative is on target – (If pre-booked)
High Definition video footage / pictures
Typed report
Signed professional witness statements
Edited video
Time & date stamped evidence – (Court admissible)
All original evidence