Asset Location

Asset Tracing is the process of identifying property or valuables which clients seek to recover by way of legal process or negotiated settlement. Through finding a person’s assets, having tracked down and frozen the items of value in question, a negotiated settlement may become an option not previously considered.

So what assets can be traced? These can include real estate, stocks and shares, intellectual property rights and money.

We can find a person’s assets in numerous situations:

UK Property assets.
Corporate assets and associations.
Assets hidden by ownership by connected individuals, companies or corporate entities.
Offshore assets & property.
Directorships and other assets.

We regularly work with legal and insolvency practitioners along with private clients on complex tracing enquiries. Our costs are based on an hourly rate of £40 per hour and .45p per mile.  Limits may be agreed on the enquiry before we start if this is preferable.